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Hire Me a Tutor is a unique platform for students and tutors to seek out one another based on what they need or offer. You create an account tailored to your individual requirements - whether it be to achieve an A in English Literature at a university level, or to teach high school students advanced chemistry - and then get the ball rolling from there.

Hire Me a Tutor is great because it allows students and tutors to freely network with one another in order to find a suitable match. Because we offer additional teaching for anyone between primary school and university ages, Hire Me a Tutor is also ideal for those students who want to stick with a reliable tutoring service all the way through their educational life. Create an account on Hire Me a Tutor today and take the first step to enrich your education or teaching.


Are you looking for a tutor?

Sometimes, you need help understanding the curriculum or would just like some extra help to push you that little bit further to attain grades above what you are expected to get. If that sounds like you, consider getting started on Hire Me a Tutor today.

We offer a great range of professional teachers in a variety of subjects so, whatever it is you need help in, there's bound to be a friendly expert to assist you.

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Are you looking for students?

We don't just allow students to search for great tutors - we also allow great tutors to register and begin their search for some students in need of help with a subject. As a tutor, you're responsible for helping students unlock their true potential, so be sure to bring lesson plans and resources that reflect your passion and drive to educate. Whether you're an ex-teacher looking to escape the traditional classroom environment or a current teacher looking to drive in some extra income on the weekends, Hire Me a Tutor is a great online environment to turn to.

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